cony is the easiest way to connect industrial services and appliances

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Conies dig tunnels to connect

Instead of living in isolated colonies conies connect their individual habitats with tunnels to build a strong community and socialize.


Industrial services can benefit from each other

Connection is key – especially in professional environments. Allowing industrial services to directly interact with each other can greatly increase process efficiency and reduce running costs. Let’s provide them with a way to connect and overcome their differences.


We connect everything with anything

With cony you can easily connect triggers, condititions and actions of all your connected services. Build and run – without the hassle of writing a single line of code.

Scalable Design

cony visualizes each service with a unique pattern and color

Industrial services exist in countless variations – each with it’s own unique attributes and requirements. To deal with the vast amount of services our indivudal patterns are created automatically from a pool of design recources. This allows the design system to scale and cover an infinite number of services.

Interaction layer

The service and assigned command is displayed

Pattern layer

Unique key indicators taken from the service’s source code and api define the pattern shape and appearance.

Branding layer

The foundation shows the service brand color.

Voice Activated Controls

"Alexa, ask cony to deliver pallet M-263"

IoT without IT

Through it’s universal API cony can also be controlled by all kinds of modern communication technologies like voice control apps or chat interfaces.

No end in sight

cony's corporate design adapts perfectly to all channels and media

World premiere of the world's first Alexa-powered warehouse truck