pL-Store 9.0

User Interface for a white label logistics management system

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Modular interface system

Digitalize any physical workflow with our modular system

Based on the real physical workflows in companies we created different modules which can easily be configured and combined. The result is a completely flexible system that covers any situation like a charm – even the edgy ones.

Adaptive user experience

Guided workflows for users of all experience levels

Not knowing the experience level of our users was one of the bigger challenges in creating this professional application. Our solution is a guided proccess to help the beginners which can easily be skipped by senior workers.

Layout system

Create new workflows on the fly with our flexible layout system

Through our well tested UI environment based on a meta grid module system the user is able to create endless layout combinations to fit any use case.

Responsive behavior

Optimized for all devices including special logistics hardware

The interface is fluently responsive to all resolutions. Even special logistic devices like the Zebra MC3300 are covered within the responsiveness for a comprehensive experience.

Interaction hierarchy

Constistent and clear interaction hierarchy

A constistant interaction hierachy through all interactive elements leads to a clear and focused user flow – always giving a clear indication where attention is required the most.


Universal icon set reduces language barriers

The use of icons creates a universally understandable interface and reduces the time new user require to orientate within the application. This means shorter learning periods and more efficient workflows.


Full documentation of all modules and styles in an interactive component library

Developers can easily choose from a variety of components also giving access to extensive code examples for all framework types and features. The library is directly synched to the production software, so iupdates happen on the fly when components are changed or added.